About Essie

The Essie System, is the patented wearable portable solar energy generator that allows for everyday items to become personal power sources. Compatible with virtually all handheld electronics including cell phones, laptop computers, and camping equipment, the Essie System also includes a removable battery pack to store power for when it is most needed, even at night.

Tough, waterproof solar panels are embedded in a lightweight backpack or convenient accessory pack, or use the interchangeable solar panels in your own items. These panels use high-efficiency mono-cristalline cells to produce four watts of power in only a single hour in the sun. That translates to three full hours of iPod playtime or 1.5 hours of cell phone use. The battery pack stores 15 watts of power from five hours in the direct sun, powerful enough to power a laptop for up to four hours.

An array of standard adapters is included with every Essie System so you can always access power when you need it.

Inventor David M. Wilson's vision for the Essie System, which shares a name with his mother in honor of her tireless energy as the family caregiver, is born of necessity. As our man-made world races to the next innovation, dragging us along for the ride, many people are finding it increasingly important to reconnect with the natural environment. Until now, being present in your modern life and the natural world were mutually exclusive. The Essie System allows you to unplug, and plug in.